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Williamstown Primary School

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Gwneud gwahaniaeth gyda'n gilydd

Internet Safety

As a school we are passionate about informing our pupils and parents how to stay safe using the internet. The internet is an amazing source of information and communication and is a great resource to further knowledge and skills. However at Williamstown we are keen to ensure our pupils are well informed about the effective use of online tools and keeping safe whilst online.

We also have our local police officer into school to support the understanding of keeping safe on the internet.

How we ensure safe internet use:

1. To help keep our pupils safe whilst online we work with our local police community officers and set up learning sessions for our pupils. These sessions involve presentations highlighting the possible dangers whilst online and provide our pupils with the opportunity to ask questions.  

2. Discuss internet safety through our ICT curriculum. Our ICT curriculum covers a range of internet safety topics including password safety and how to deal with cyberbullying.

3. Mark INTERNET SAFETY DAY every year. All pupils attend an assembly regarding this and take part in classroom activities to highlight its importance. 

4. We recommend a range of websites to our pupils and parents to educate themselves further on being 'internet safe'.

Here are a list of some great ones: the links for these are on the right hand side of the page.

* Internet saftey. org

* Childnet International

* Kids Smart

* NSPCC Online safety

The below document contains a list of many apps the police deem as unsafe for children. We are aware of some of our pupils using some of these at home. Please keep and eye on your child's use of apps and ensure they are safe.

Updated resources May 2020

Copy and paste the link below into your search bar to see latest updates on keeping your child safe on line.