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Williamstown Primary School

Making a difference together

Gwneud gwahaniaeth gyda'n gilydd


Please try to be on time in the mornings as we have regular ‘late on the gate’ checks.  A significant number of pupils arrive late, sometimes over 30 minutes, resulting in losing their attendance mark for the morning.

Please can you inform us of the reason for pupils’ absences by 9.30am

If pupils have an upset tummy they need to stay home for 48 hours after the last episode. If they have anything contagious they need to stay home until advised it’s safe to attend. Pupils who are too ill to leave the house need to stay home, but if ‘under the weather’ send them in and we’ll look after them and keep them in  at breaktimes.

Some illnesses (such as Scarlet Fever) need recording by the health board or can be dangerous in conjunction with other usually minor illnesses (such as chicken pox). The health board also needs to know if there are clusters in classes, schools or geographical areas. 

Any pupil with sickness or diarrhoea cannot attend school until two full days have lapsed after their last bout of illness e.g. if last sick any time on a Monday, stay home Tuesday and Wednesday, and return to school on Thursday. Pupils who return to school before the 48- hour recovery period are likely to pass on sickness or diarrhoea to others.

Public Health Wales - Exclusion Period for Common Infections (May 2023)


Attendance and Family Holidays

You may be aware from the press that there is a drive to improve school attendance in Wales as it is still well below the level it was pre-pandemic. The target from Welsh Government is still 95% (no more than two weeks absence per year). Family holidays are very important but so is attending school, so wherever possible, please book holidays in school holiday time. Currently, over 2% of pupil absence at our school is down to term-time holidays.

Going forward, family holidays will be authorised for pupils whose attendance remains above 95% once they return from the holiday, but will not be authorised if attendance falls below the Welsh Government target as a result of the holiday.