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Williamstown Primary School

Making a difference together

Gwneud gwahaniaeth gyda'n gilydd


'Making a Difference Together'

Within this section of the website we will upload activities, ideas, website link/ suggestions for each year group. 

For week 1 - 23/03/20 Each year group have created a home working pack which can be collected from the school office.

For Week 2/ and any other week - Work and activities will be uploaded by 9am on the Monday (this will be labelled Week 2 so you know).

Ideas of things to do at home

Anything you can do with your child at home will be extremely valuable for example:

* Cook with your child- get them to help you prepare a meal

* Film reviews- watch a new film can your child write about it, or answer questions?  Who was your favourite character? Its all learning and practise of Oracy skills.

* Bake anything, children will be weighing the ingredients using their numeracy skills. They can work out the timings of when the cake will be ready.

* Teach your child how to make a bed- get them to change duvet cover- that is a tricky skill!

* Get them out in the garden weeding and planting and talk about the plants and flowers you can see.

* Go for a short walk where you know it will be quiet- play eye -spy or set up a list of things you need to spot when you are out eg: a flying bird, a red car parked, they can create a little tick list before you leave. 

* Get the children to assist you with any chores, or get them to organise their bedrooms.

* Read factual books and then Facetime a family member so they can share all the new facts they know.

* Facetime a family member to interview them with some questions your child has written. It could be about their job or something they experienced when they were young (bit of a history lesson). 

* Boy, girl, fruit and flower is great for getting children to think and use their phonic and spelling knowledge.

* Board games and following rules, taking turns is all learning. 

* Do a 'Word of the Day' introduce your child to a new word everyday and what it means. They can use it in their speech or writing. They will have a great range of new vocabulary. 

Have fun! keep eye on home learning pages for updates.